Flower crown ideas and inspiration for your Wedding

Bouquets have been an intrinsic part of a bride's look for such a long time that it's hard to imagine a bride without her own. Flowers are like a natural beauty filter, they add colour, compliment us, make our look even more special. Shouldn't come as a surprise that flower crowns are a spectacular accessory for brides to wear on their very special day. 

At Lily Knot we really love flowers, and that is why we've compiled a few different types of flower crowns, a few really special ones, with the aim to inspire our brides-to-be out there!

Big bloom flower crowns

The flower crown by excellence, there's quite a few different variations of it. From same-coloured flowers, to different coloured selections for a more bohemian and natural look.

Brides wearing flower crowns with roses and greenery

You can either match your wedding bouquet, or compliment it! Up to you!

Small blooms and greenery flower crowns

These are a bit more subtle, and a bit less girly than the above, but brides look equally stunning.

Flower crowns with greenery and small flowers


Baby's Breath Flower Crowns Spotlight

For brides and bridesmaids. There's so many designs out there, we had to give them special attention because they can be so inspiring!

Babys breath flower crowns

Leaved crowns

Remove the flowers, but add greenery. A lot of it. If you're not a very girly bride, you can still wear a beautiful crown to your big day.

Leaved flower crowns

Partial flower crown

Flower crowns don't necessarily need to be full crowns. You can have it only on the back of your head, or on the front. Or just have a little flowered detail, like a brooch.

Partial flowers crowns at the back only

Fall flower crowns

Getting married during fall and want to embrace the season with your flower crown as well? Then why not wear a crown with berries in red and orange hues?

Fall flower crowns with berries

Winter flower crowns

What about winter? Winter can be a gorgeous month for a very spectacular, pure and cozy wedding. And there's nothing else that shouts winter more than these no-flower, no-greenery, only branches crowns. Unique.

Winter flower crowns with branches

Embedded into your hair

Okay, so this is actually not exactly a flower crown, but it falls quite close so we thought we should include it on our list.

The look that a few flowers inserted into your hairdo achieve is very romantic, natural and elegant.

We love baby's breath, but we would also love to see other blooms out there!

Babys breath inserted on brides hair

What type of flower crown would you see yourself wearing? Let us know in the comments!

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